Leonard is the founder and President of Jacklett Construction, Inc. Born and raised in southern California, he entered the construction field early in life, specializing first in custom landscaping construction before becoming fully engaged in residential construction and remodeling. After moving to the east coast, he continued his work in the construction industry, becoming licensed in general contracting, landscape construction, electrical contracting and swimming pool construction. Leonard currently has over 35 years of experience in the industry and holds contractor licenses in four states. He is also a member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. Throughout the years, Leonard has always had a “no job is too large or too small” policy.  He believes that the same amount of detail and quality should go into all projects, regardless of their value and size. Leonard also believes that his “old school” hands-on approach to a project has been able to set him apart in his field. He has a heart for family and is thrilled to own and operate Jacklett Construction as a family business. 


Lucas Jacklett is the vice president of Jacklett Construction, Inc., primarily managing the site development and utility construction side of the business. As the son of Leonard Jacklett, Lucas has been in the business since a very young age. He spent his childhood learning and working the business as Jacklett Construction developed. After graduating from high school, he transitioned into full-time work for the company, gaining both business knowledge and field experience along the way. Lucas obtained his license as a utility contractor and has worked to expand the site development and utility construction areas of Jacklett Construction. He is currently a member of the Georgia Utility Contractors Association. Lucas and his family make their home in the Alpharetta area.

LeAnn Jacklett

LeAnn Jacklett is Lucas’ wife and has been part of Jacklett Construction for over 15 years. These years of experience have developed her skills in helping to manage the administrative side of the company today.  LeAnn is currently the office manager and also oversees the accounts payable department.  She has experience in most every area of the company’s administration.  LeAnn also is very hands on with Lucas managing the site development side of the company.  Her organizational skills help to keep out fleet of heavy equipment and trucks properly serviced and repaired, keeping the everyday field operations running as smoothly as possible.  LeAnn’s vital roles in the company have proven her to be a very important part of the company.

Stephen Meneses

Stephen Meneses, Leonard’s son-in-law, is a project manager for Jacklett Construction. Stephen is an 11-year active duty veteran in the United States Army, followed by 6 years in law enforcement.  Since retiring from active duty he continues to serve our country in the Army Reserves.  His many years of leadership in the military have been invaluable in helping him manage multiple subcontractors for the company’s general contracting projects.  He works very closely with Leonard helping to manage these projects as well as teaming up with his wife Katie in creating budgets, contracts, and all other administrative items needed for these clients. Stephen has become a very important asset in managing these general contracting projects.

Katie Meneses

Katie Meneses, Leonard’s daughter, manages payroll for all employees at Jacklett Construction.  Her responsibilities also include helping with the planning, budgeting, and administrative processes for the clients on the general contracting side of the company. As a young girl, Katie often helped her father on the jobsite, but when she became old enough she joined the office staff doing payroll and accounts payable. She then pursued a career in teaching and completed a master’s degree in education.  After teaching for several years, Katie has come back to the family business to be part of the company again.  Katie currently resides with her family in Roswell.