Equestrian Center Construction in Milton, GA

Milton, GA is known for its strong equestrian presence, with stables, equestrian centers, tracks and equine vets located throughout the region. When it comes to building facilities that accommodate horses, it takes an experienced builder to bring them to life. Jacklett Construction LLC is that builder and our portfolio spans all types of equestrian facilities.

We focus specifically on equestrian building design, taking into consideration both form and function. Our construction services accommodate horses and are fit for their application, yet don’t compromise on aesthetic value or uniqueness. The result is a facility you and your horse will love to spend time in.


We also design stables for boarding. As an equine facility builder in Milton, GA, we understand the nuances of traditional stable design, as well as barn stables, row-style stables and more. We can pair stable design with the needs of your facilities or the equine services you offer. We also design stables for boarding and long-term stabling.

Track and training

Our experience with commercial construction extends to race tracks and equine agility facilities. We understand the demands of these facilities and design them for maximum space utilization, maneuverability, safety and accessibility. You can see our work on horse tracks and courses throughout the region.


Whether you’re an equine vet practice, a farrier or in a different segment of equine or livestock care, we build facilities that meet your needs. Consult with our construction experts about the scope of services you offer and the facility features you need, and we’ll make sure they’re incorporated within the final design.

We Help Build Your Estate

Jacklett Construction LLC has helped families leave their mark for over four decades. If you’ve got a vision for a private estate, we’ll help you bring it to life with stunning craftsmanship and complete project management. Contact us today at 770-888-1959 for more information.